The down side of Second Life

What is it? Having to deal with the people that slither in and are hell bent on making everybody miserable for the sake of their own attention.  For the last year or so I have had to deal with one such person on a regular schedule.   She was a student in Rya’s dance classes.  She is the type to scream “I am being persecuted!” after annoying everybody to the point that they remove her from their sim, friends, and at last…class.

Now Rya and I tried…when she screamed persecution the first time we rode in to the rescue and tried to help her, she got thrown from that sim and moved to mine.  When she managed to quickly make her obnoxious self and drama seeking ways known there…I figured out that she was the instigator, not the persecuted. She kept beating a dead horse subject to the ground trying to force the major players to see things her way till in frustration and disgust they not only killed her, they banned her.  I guess she got tired of being thrown out of cities as she started her own GE sim…I don’t know the particulars but you have to wonder how you can get thrown out of your own sim, because she was.  Her drama was not limited to her RP, she made us all miserable in class. I told Rya this was the last one…I would not assist in any class that Shel was in anymore.  After demonstrating poor technique, an inability to follow directions, and harassing other class members she was pulling a solid F in the class.  After 3 stunning, 180 degree turn about, dances for the Masters choices she pulled it up to a C and was going to graduate.  Then the next class assigned dance, she demonstrated she was back to her poor technique and lack of ability to follow directions. I had to wonder…who wrote those Masters choice dances????

With a snarky, insulting apology made for not showing up and making us wait for her when she couldn’t bother to let anyone know she wasn’t coming, (She had to go work or she would lose her job and she and her daughter would starve…even tho she can afford a sim and 5000 linden props) she had made it apparent she had no respect for anyone and thought only of herself and we hoped she would just quit. Rya was begged to dismiss her from class but she said she would rather just let her leave of her own accord.  Sooo we moved on to prepare for the graduation. For that the drama queen she wanted changes made to suit her…the day…the time…the costumes…the instruction…when she ignored the prim allowance of 30 prims she was told of 3 weeks before…she went out and spent 5000 lindens on a prop that was almost 40 prims.  When she got into my IM…for the first time since the snark-a-thon (She complains she got no help…she never asked) she wanted the allowance to be changed for her.  I explained that the allowance was the sims requirement and couldn’t be changed and that was that. She snarled about waiting till the last minute to tell her…3 weeks is the last minute?

She made the mistake of getting passive-aggressive with Tivi next…anyone with a brain knows better, Tivi has a brain and tongue sharp as a knife. After telling her off and refuting Shel accusations one by one she told Shel that she was in skype with, and would relate the conversation to Rya. Shel tried to use the TOS to stop her from telling Rya the crap she vomited up but the TOS doesn’t cover things outside SL…like skype and blogs!

I am not going to bother recounting the next class where all the students were told of the issues and Shel was removed from the class and everyone was given the time to speak…. She left in a cloud of profanity… there was a collective sigh of relief.  Sarah was so upset she had to meditate and calm down, Rya needed coffee and cigs, I called my Master and begged him to bring his calming presence to me, I am sure Tivi was in her Masters IMs as well. Before leaving Shel sold her only friend down the river accusing her of making up all the lies Shel told…I am sure Shel’s friend list got shorter and mute list got longer that night.

I was not going to give a link to Shel’s blog…I don’t feel the need to bolster her stats…but she keeps on adding her nonsense to it so here is is if you want to wade through a profane and poorly written rant…I am not going to try to edit the poor spelling and grammar because she apparently doesn’t know the red squiggly lines below word means they are misspelled…or doesn’t care.  I am not going to print the whole rambling thing here and subject you to having to muddle through it…I will post some to give an example and the other side of the accusation.  This is the very first paragraph.

And Flame you lieing cunt, yeah you read out a chat log we had but you read the wrong one out so you saying what you did was not said in that note card because you said it in a totally different one, you bitch. and since when is a persons past 3 sims she rped on got to do with a dam dancing academy? ill tell you NOTHING you only added that in to make me look bad. and how dare you go tell a free person that YOU recon I can not listen, I can not do as im told, I can not learn, then how is it bitch that I have all these certifacats to prove YOU bloody wrong huh. lets see oh yes this is comeing from a person that thinks she is soooo great a slave you sit in the slavers office and for 2 hours yes I timed it, 2 hours flame you sat there telling the slaver how dare he put out chore bords for the slaves, and that YOU were not going to do a chore nor were you going to note card it, as you are aove doing that and so are the rest of the slaves and how dare he put them out expecting the slaves to do them and if any thing he is causeing people as in slaves to leave not stay because they will take one look at his chore bords and say im not staying here if I have to do chores. and you ript into him on this issue for two dam hours. the poor guy ended up taking them down cos of YOU. and you call yourself a slave. and slave knows you do not talk to a free like that let alone a slaver. but you do. cos your so right and up your own ass hole.

Here is the chat log in question…the first one and 9 days later the second.  Her gripe is, “You said my dances are lousy”

[2013/11/08 20:50] Shellirene: thats the music let me know when ready
[2013/11/08 20:51] ScarletFleur: ready
[2013/11/08 20:51] ScarletFleur: set
[2013/11/08 20:51] ScarletFleur: go
[2013/11/08 20:54] ScarletFleur: shell
[2013/11/08 20:54] Shellirene: yes
[2013/11/08 20:54] ScarletFleur: this is nothing but gaga talking
[2013/11/08 20:54] Shellirene: wait its coming
[2013/11/08 20:55] ScarletFleur: thats better but lose the first part, you bored me to death
[2013/11/08 20:55] Shellirene: lol
[2013/11/08 20:56] ScarletFleur: once the music started your movements were good
[2013/11/08 20:56] Shellirene: 🙂
[2013/11/08 20:56] ScarletFleur: thats a bit fast
[2013/11/08 20:56] Shellirene: yes its a tecno type one
[2013/11/08 20:57] ScarletFleur: nods, the tempos don’t match
[2013/11/08 20:57] Shellirene: in the song
[2013/11/08 20:57] ScarletFleur: your good now
[2013/11/08 20:58] Shellirene: im still working on the ending
[2013/11/08 20:58] ScarletFleur: its good, but you need to tempo match
[2013/11/08 20:58] ScarletFleur: and lose the first part
[2013/11/08 20:58] ScarletFleur: laughs
[2013/11/08 20:58] Shellirene: lol
[2013/11/08 20:58] ScarletFleur: gotta go test the warning birsd
[2013/11/08 20:58] ScarletFleur: brb
[2013/11/08 20:59] Shellirene: kk

After she had time to stew over it.

[2013/11/17 13:38] Shellirene: ive not asked any of you for help except when i showed you the dance moves
[2013/11/17 13:38] ScarletFleur: I apologize. You can show it when rya returns if that is what you want.
[2013/11/17 13:39] Shellirene: and to be honest after what you said im not sure ill even do it now
[2013/11/17 13:39] ScarletFleur: what I said?
[2013/11/17 13:40] ScarletFleur: the pest? I said I was just teasing
[2013/11/17 13:40] Shellirene: how you said cut out the first part of the song cos it bored you and how my anamaitons dident mach
[2013/11/17 13:40] Shellirene: match
[2013/11/17 13:40] Shellirene: really left me feeling good about the whole thing
[2013/11/17 13:41] ScarletFleur: I am sorry, it was the truth…you want to dance a dance that is lousy or good? Rya has looked at mine and critisized them and I dont sulk, I go back and rethink them.
[2013/11/17 13:43] ScarletFleur: If you dont want any critisim never show your dance to anybody, when you get tired of wondering why no one likes them then maybe you will be ready to let others help by giving their opinions, you might not like them and they are just that, their opinions but you need to listen, look and decide.
[2013/11/17 13:45] Shellirene: oh i see so it sucked
[2013/11/17 13:45] Shellirene: ok ty
[2013/11/17 13:45] Shellirene: im closeing this window
[2013/11/17 13:45] ScarletFleur: If you want to pout and feel sorry for yourself thats fine. I told you the parts I liked and the parts I didnt
[2013/11/17 13:45] Shellirene: i think you said enough on my dance to last me an intire year
[2013/11/17 13:45] ScarletFleur: whatever
[2013/11/17 13:46] ScarletFleur: your interrupting my RP
[2013/12/05 20:26] ɐ (shellirene) is offline.

Note…the word lousy was part of the question…It was a choice offered…not me saying “that dance was lousy”.  Why was I critical?  She chose Gaga’s Born This Way… and was using dance moves to dance to a part of the narration… no music to dance to, just talk…”I” found it boring..”I”…my opinion, then the animations she chose to parts of the music didn’t match the tempo…some did.  Did she notice the praise? No… the criticism part only and it was just an opinion.  Just that, an opinion.

She proceeded to harp on this for the next YEAR…yes, a year.

She has certificates, so do I… I am a trained and recognized physician and a scribe/magistrate on another alt I no longer play, also a trained merchant.  Big whoop… I can tell you the cost of buying a 100 weight of Bazi tea and shipping it by draft tarn to Port Kar.  I can tell you how to clean and stitch a wound or prepare a Free Companionship document, does it make me a good role-player or person? Nope.  Neither does all her certificates.

The part about the slaver? Anyone who know me knows I play BtB, I got into a long conversation in IC and in IM with the slaver. Part was about as my being a private slave being ordered by the city to work for it with no pay to my Master as would be logical but for the most part… where in the books does it show that slaves sat with quill and parchment and recorded their chores completed? Is that not God-modding…influencing my role-play by forcing me to spend my time making notcards of chores?  He and I had a great, lively talk in both windows…the IM’s Shel has not clue to, in the end he did decide to remove the chore board for further consideration… HIS CHOICE… not mine… since when can I FORCE a Master to do something against his will?????

I might add, he was so offended(!?!?) that he to this day uses my photos in his training manual since he was impressed with my training and knowledge, none of which comes with a certificate, just a bill from the bookstore for the John Norman books I read to gain that training. 

and Rya you run a school of dance do you. your hardly there and when you are on your hanging out with tivi and flame and sarah, you never get on to post group notices you let tivi do that. weres the respect there Rya? you say you wont let us fail. yet you passed me then decided to fail me not on my dancing, but because I in your eyes could not let go of the past. which I might add has NOTHING to do with my dance abilty. and what makes it worse is you allowed me to sit there for just over two hours while your so called bum buddies of girls Tivi, and Flame all put the knife in and then you tell me I wont graduate. you recon Danny don’t look like a coin slut huh.

Tivi, Sarah and I are not only assistant teachers, we are co-owners of the group.  We 3 having been Ryas friends In SL and in RL for YEARS and are called on to do things like posting notices, keeping records, building sets, finding costumes, handling the music and stream and many more things.  Our participation stepped up this semester when Rya became so sick in RL and was battling to find out what was causing it. Many classes had to be cancelled because Rya had not planned on catastrophic illness…few do.  Dani, by the way, is the object of her wrath in being kicked out of Ti….5 months ago.  Why were we allowed to speak before she was told she wasn’t allowed to graduate?? Two reasons, so everyone know all the circumstances of the decision and the teeny-tiniest hope she might learn something from the experience…snorts that ain’t gonna happen.  If she hasn’t figured out why she isn’t welcome in 3 cities, any of her collars and class mates…her head it wayyyyy to far up her own ass to get the picture.

While I won’t say never, stranger things have happened…as for her dance ability…she has none. Other instructors already had heard of her drama princess ways and won’t bother admitting her to their classes either. So will we see her in the dance community??  Nev……………….

 your girls don’t teach shit, every time you cancled a class they should of stept in. but no all they did was post a group message. if that’s what you call being a dance teacher your sicker than we thought you are. and the fact is Rya your only as good as the lands yours able to sneak off on to to hold these courses cos no other gorean sim likes you. they think your a bitch that don’t know how to teach dance for the gorean people. this is why your hidden your school away. you have had so many girls go to your classes you wonder why the numbers drop from 19 down to 4 its cos you and your girls drive them off that’s why. your no teacher Rya to not allow a person to not finish there graduation after 5 months of working on dances, putting cash in to get endless dance animation, hours apon hours of writing 3 dances, getting props made.

When Rya got so bad she wasn’t able to teach I did, at one point, log in as her avatar and try to find the lesson in her massive inventory…I wasn’t able to…that sucker took almost 25 minutes to load!!!  With other SL and RL obligations hindering us and the time constrictions to prepare lessons from memory and scratch  (I don’t have the slights desire to teach) for me and the others, after a group discussion it was decided to take a couple of weeks to see how Rya health went, because lets face it… SL is a GAME!!  Someones health is FAR, FAR  more important than Shel’s expenditures and those dances were danced when she returned.  The schools location, on a private sim with full control of the music stream and access by Gorean and non-Gorean dancers, was made necessary by other locations changing the allowances during the classes. Why do people drop out?  Because they quickly figure out Rya is gonna make you think about dancing…not just how to write a Gorean dance in 3 easy steps.  She makes you look at all the parts of the dance and not get stuck in the BtB dance box.  Laughs… and she is right… some people don’t like Rya or her teaching method… but more award winning dancers in Gor and other RP areas, were trained by her than any other and she is on the Gorean judges list and has won more accolades than Shel had popped out profanity…that’s alot!!.  Even other skilled dance teachers train with her.  Never fear Shel…there is always the Gorean University…they take anyone who has the money. Oh…remember… Rya charged you…… NOTHING for her time.  Shel seems to forget… SHE GOT HERSELF KICKED OUT.  She is first and only, as far as I know, to EVER be kicked out of one of Rya’s classes.  Other drama whores left after their doings were made apparent to the group.  Have to ask Tivi or Sarah on that…my memory sucks sometimes.

Rya Inglewood who runs the *Passionate Heart of Dance, would STRONGLY recommend do not send people there or go there, she is to faced, lies to her students, drives them off by letting her girls 

Flame (scarletfleur)

Reine (terrilian.belar)


Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.Brenham

treat each girl like shit and inturn then act inacent that they were in the right to do as such, they allow you to spend your time siting there for up to 4 hours a class hearing nothing but how great her girls are, or praiseing just the one or two endlessly for weeks on there looks, when it should be about dance, and they allow you to put endless amounts of cash into it to buy dance anamations, dance huds, hours and hours of your time in writing dances, getting costumes done getting props done, then only to tell you well yes you have passed then right at the end they say your not graduating cos you wont let go of the past, whichyour past has nothing to do with them, they are there to teach you to dance not judge you on your past, and stop you from graduating. I highly recommend if the free want there girls to learn dance DONT send them to Rya. she and her girls are posion. and will waiste your time and your girls time and money by attending these classes. that’s when Rya can be botherd to even show up.

Reine is the ex-friend Shel decided to blame for her own behavior, she is not a instructor in the Academy.  She has had trouble with the class but in meeting with Rya, me and others…. worked it out and is moving right along.

When you read this last part of her rant you see the issue… She didn’t get the praise and attention she felt she deserves.  Rya tends to pull the associate instructors up to use as examples and teaching aids…she know it drives me crazy to be given no notice… just “Flame dance the dance you did for this”… I think she delights in watching me scramble. Why did she not pull “Student Shel” up…cuz she is a student????  Shel is a narcissist of the worst kind, she wants attention and will cause drama to get it, then complain when she is shunned for causing drama. Note the “that’s when Rya can be botherd to even show up.” part.  What part of hospital emergency room 2 times, bed-ridden were worried she is gonna die, does Shel not get?  It was never hidden Rya was very, very sick.  Gee, we’re sorry her illness was inconvenient to you Shellirene, we missed the memo that the world revolves around your butt-ugly avatars ass!

There was more in her rant but most of it was beating the dead horse, a year ago, get the hell over it nonsense I don’t want to waste you the readers time, and my time posting.  

The worst part is the stress of people like Shel in the last 3 classes Rya has taught has taking the wind out of her and may cause her to stop teaching, that would reduce the number of true teachers of dance in the community and allow the “In the Box” teachers to flourish. Those who try to force their preferences on all us dancers with their “Faction is true dance”, “Story dances are not real dances” and approval of masturbation in the pit, type of teachings on girls new to slave dancing will learn. Sad….just sad.  Nice job drama whore…nice job.  You hung yourself you know….

Dream come true



Finals time!

Once again the advanced class was called upon to do their Masters Choices to see if they were going to graduate or not.  We were lucky to have 2 Masters and a Mistress to assign the dances, there was a wonderful wide assortment of requests from a Lewis Caroll quote to a dance with a goat.  These dances are to see if the girls got the message of the class not to get stuck in the “Gorean Box” and to let themselves shine through in their dances.  Going into the finals one student was pulling a F and was set to fail. Too much drama, too less attendance, not listening and getting the messages. Somewhere the light bulb went off in her head and she wowed us with her Masters choices, she pulled it up to a C grade, she is not competition ready but it was a vast improvement.  The top student shown as I figured she would, even with a difficult assigned song to dance to she came up with a clever use of it and lost a half a grade point to not stumbling when her dance said she did…I gave her a A+ anyway!  One student did as requested, a tribute to Rya, using a fun piece of music she still brought several to tears with the touching dance. No one failed, but not all were invited to the Intensive Class planned, now onto the graduation dance ceremony!

Getting back in RP

After sitting out RP for a few months after my last collar ended I felt it was time to stop saying I need to get back into a city and do it.  I must admit I was dragging my feet, not wanting to get involved with a new Master, dealing with the drama and the city needs.   I chose a city, to start with, new so I can be on the bottom floor of the growth, and fewer people so I could have time to build relationships as more come.  Standing in the sky market of the city I watched a newbie avatar approach me with a inward groan.  Speaking with him I found a Gorean from another program new to Secondlife.  I was pleasantly surprised talking to him and helping him to learn how to get a notecard and teleport and we took a tour, as time wore on I found myself leaning less to being a city slave and against my original desire to avoid a private collar, being his slave.  More talk followed the tour and…skip to the end…I am in his collar. LooL.  I think this might be a good thing as he is knowledgeable and kind.  Kinda cute too…laughs.

training collar

Over the next few days we toured several cities, one familiar new to both of us.  All had something to recommend them, some nice people desiring our citizenship and some beautiful builds. Tarns Point Bay was one of the latter, Started by a friend and dancer Iris, she and her Master and Mistress, a talented builder FW, created a stop in and RP kind of town. The building was exquisite and appointed with great care.  The City of Ti recommended itself through welcoming people, and more than 2 there when Master and I rolled through. Vigo is another beautifully appointed city though quiet at our RP time.  The Voltai Viktelwas truly lovely but I crashed 3 times and Verbot was lagging badly.  In the end, Ti was the one Master went back and did the paperwork for and I was pleased, while not the prettiest there seemed to be quality RP and kind people.  I hope this proves to be true in the long run.

Diving into the opening ceremony weekend I helped out in the dance contest as the kennel FG was swamped.  I had known there would be under the 8 usual dancers and did some recruiting from class and friends so 4 of the 5 dancers were buddies. The judges bailed at the last minute and one friend who judges in the dance circuit snagged 2 for us and the cities slaver took 3rd position.  The girls danced wonderfully but I was disappointed that the “sex in the sands’ dancer won. When are we going to out grow this puerile male fantasy dancing??  The girl who did it presents the same masturbation dance set to different music over and over, she is a joke in the dance world.  Mention her name and everyone groans.  Rya declared she is done coming to dance contests, makes her want to vomit. It’s not gorean….show me in the books where a dancer masturbates.

Wanna see??

The Roar Dance was redone for MarissaCloud Resident and her Mars-is-a Cloud Productions and edited by the ever talented Tivi.  Here it is…buts it is best viewed at Youtube in 1080HD!

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