About me

This blog is about me in my life as a Gorean in the game Secondlife.  It’s not important if I am a submissive in RL (real life) or not, this is my other world…my second life.

I first entered the world of Gor back in 2008 as a Free Woman, after spending years defending my freedom in a male dominated society and playing about every role available, I shelved my FW avatar and delved into the world of being a slave girl on Gor.  It has had its ups and downs and emotional times but it has also been rewarding on a personal level with the friendships I have made.

One of the facets of my character on Gor is that she is a pleasure slave, trained in the ways of being pleasing to a Gorean male. I have read about 15 of the books, and consider them the best training a person can use to prepare to play a role rather than the “Universities” that add their own foolishness to the curriculum. In that,  the training I began taking…abet unwillingly at first…dance classes to master the technical part and the creative part of dancing in SL.  I am lucky that one of my former Masters encouraged me and introduced me to his former dancing slave Rya Inglewood.  I was fortunate to take her classes and learn from one of the foremost teachers and also to make a great lasting friendship with the woman behind the avatar.

Most of what you find here is MY observations and thoughts about the goings on in the dance community of Gor.  There are MY opinions and as I was reminded, and like to remind others… It’s MY opinion, doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it wrong…just makes it MINE!  Some say I am “mean” in my honesty and opinions, sorry cupcakes…I am NOT Mary Poppins and I will NOT sugar coat bad shit to make it easier on your ego.  My avatar doesn’t hold grudges, but if you attack the person BEHIND the avatar, well, yeah I do…deal with it.  I am loyal to friends but won’t hesitate in saying “I think your wrong” when I need to. I think communication can solve most any issue and am always willing to talk it over.  I can and have changed my mind as I see my thinking is wrong but spare me the boskshit, I will call you on it.  I will forgive when the apology is as sincere as the attack.

Lucky slave that I am, my Master has set up my own webpage and it is currently under construction!  Dancers of Gor.

I AM lucky, I stumbled upon and begged the collar of a man and Master that loves me and that I have come to love in return.  He tries to keep a tight hold on my leash in SL but I am his little fiery redhead, cookie addict!  In RL he keeps tab on my well being and happiness and we enjoy our chats. Thank you Master!!!!  GLMVM


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