Long time no see!

Almost a year….my goodness how time has flown. Since I haven’t been dancing much in SL I haven’t kept this blog up to date, so lets catch up.

As I said I haven’t been dancing much, why?  I guess many reasons factor into it. Since Rya closed the school due to her illness and has been on less, I haven’t been much involved in the dance community. I haven’t felt like writing dances, perhaps my fire doesn’t burn as fiercely as it did. My health in RL has not been great either and am just finally getting to a better state. Maybe all the drama that crappy sub-humans threw my way that ruined my love of SL and role play.  Could be all those who felt they had the right to tell me what I should feel and how I should dance and to what music I HAD to dance to. Perhaps because my interests had changed moving away from the new, corrupted Gor to more of Game of Thrones RP.  What ever it is I won’t say I never will dance again, but for now…meh.  I just join in some things for the fun of it, like this tribute to Rya at this years Faction Wordless dance.  All Rry’s beauties joined to express our love as she said farewell to teaching in SL.

to rya

One great thing happened in 2014, October the 26th as a matter of fact, this happened:


First he was a friend, then my Master, he became my love and finally my husband.  Joined by a few close friends we promised to be there for each other for the long road. I am a truely lucky woman to have this man in my life.  The beauty behind me, my friend Maddy, like Rya a SL introduction, but someone who crossed over to RL and there for years now.

I won’t say I never dance…once a month V takes me dancing on our anniversary of our meeting, he is a romantic that way. Most often a ballroom setting. 

8th anniv 7  

Sometimes he takes me to a casual place.

Im15th dancing at Whimsey

It doesn’t matter as long as we are in each others arms! 

Will it be another year till I post again?  Who knows?


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