Congratz to the Soaring Herlit

Celebrating their 6th year anniversary and combining with a fund raiser for the RFL proved to be tempting to me, as well as the theme “Why Do Slaves Dance?”  I had plenty that I WANTED to say on the subject but I had to do some searching in my heart to find what I NEEDED to say.  I got off to a rocky start being 15 minutes late, lucky it was that…I thought it started a hour later than it did. My horrible week carried over and left me brain dead.  I was disappointed to see a couple of the girls didn’t follow the theme and almost seemed like last minute fill-ins.  I had hoped for a better turn out in both dancers and audience as I am fond of the Herlit, after my debacle there Lady Dem was supportive and I noticed they have gone to exhibition dance only, no contests anymore.  Here is some of my dance:

“Shadows of another reality gather around her, shadows that chain and deny a slave from the freedom of the dance in their world. Betrayed and chained there by a body that cannot express her heart and fire as this slave does in the sands of Gor. “

SH chain

I began in chains to symbolize how so many of we dancers in SL are unable to dance in RL for one reason or another. There is a joy and freedom found watching our little avatars whirl gracefully in the sands.

“Flame (scarletfleur) leaps in the air with the joy of a dancer untethered at last, skipping and twirling. Shadows burn away igniting a clear, hot fire of joy and freedom. The slave dances and her voice is heard, the freedom is felt and the shadows melt away she is transformed, like a new being from the ashes of the old she now soars over the sands like a fiery tarn on the breeze of submission, expression and joy. “

SH fans

The chains now off… the wings of freedom now send the dancer through the sands.

“Flame (scarletfleur) twirls around like a zephyr of scarlet fire, small feet leaving circles in the glimmering sands. The strong arms spread like the fiery tarn she is…reborn in these sands. Free in her collar, free in her submission, free in her dance!!! Dance Kajira….Dance Kajirae! DANCE!!

SH fan3

Master slipped in at the last minute and told me he was proud, even without knowing I belonged to him a couple of men he knew voiced their pleasure in my dance.  That was why I dance.  Because here I can, because it bring me pleasure, because it pleases him, it entertains and pleases the audience and brings him pride.


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