Friday Night Lights!

The burned brightly in Rorus on Friday!  I had a couple of friends entered so it was good to go watch.  The venue had some issues, I was told the person who normally handles the dance contests or exhibitions was not allowed to set this one up, as such it was thrown together the night before, a poor set, a missing judge, unnecessary lagging and a unprepared host for example.  I was told there was initially 12 dancers allowed to enter…about 4 too many…I groaned inwardly at the time that would be required to sit there, luckily it was reduced by drop outs to 9 and one of the 9 was a now show so we were presented with 8 dancers. Still a bit long for a 6pm on a Friday night, and then delayed 30 minutes for poor planning.

There was your usual mix of good and bad dancers, some I expect better from than I got, but hey…we all turn out a mediocre dance now and then. and of course those dances that make up for it.  I was pleased 2 of my friends were the bright lights of the night.

A new friend, Aytia from Haifa, after being chatty with me in IMs making the mediocre more fu, did herself and her Master proud with a lovely dance….  I was glad to see her take the second place award!


The other dancer there, the one near and dear to my heart was Maddy.  I have known Maddy through several lifetimes in Gor.  We have been through heartache and disappointment and laughter and joy.  She is sweet on the outside and sassy on the inside and great fun to be with.  It was Maddy that drug me off to my first dance class….kicking and screaming…and Maddy who bought me my dance hud.  So blame her people!!

maddy3 maddy1

Maddy ruled the night and took away the first prize to the delight of her Master and of course…all her friends, including this privileged girl.



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