A year has passed….

I began this blog a year ago after being unjustly attacked and my reputation smeared in the dance community. Those who did it suffered the worse with the stain of the lies forever tainting them.  At the time I was un-collared, still reeling from being left behind yet again and seriously thinking about leaving Gor behind.  I persisted, driven by the need to prove myself a good dancer, which I feel I have with a unblemished record of placing in contests, participating in exhibitions and helping to organize events. Also staying because of  friends who’s company I would miss, and the knowledge that time changes everything if giving enough of it.

As the months passed I retreated into myself and formed a bit of a shell, my wall between RL and SL back up and solid.  I was at least able to take the wisdom I gathered from my last Master and apply it to myself is some ways and in others I had to discard it.  Involved in building and dancing I basically avoided RP in community situations and kept to myself until the fateful night I took a deep breath and decided to return to Gor in full.  My path was clear, be a city or tavern slave and avoid the pitfalls of being in one mans collar and the emotional minefield it can bring. 

The Priest-Kings had another idea and there he was, the man who would place his name on my collar and begins chipping away at my wall, brick by brick, day by day until the day that “Girl loves her Master” became “I love you”.


It is a beautiful moment when the woman realizes that the man who owns her is her love master, and the man realizes that the girl he bought, looking up at him, tears in her eyes, is his love slave. Then the only danger is that he will weaken. One must be strong with a love slave. If one truly loves her, he will be that strong. The slavery in which a love slave is kept is an unusually deep slavery.
– Beasts, 236

For us its been over 7 month since we met, and over 6 months in his collar. An easy 6 months?  No, it takes time to earn trust from someone who has been betrayed. He has had to deal with the deed of others in my past. Was it worth it? I believe we can both say yes. Is it perfect? No, there are still issues and life will toss issues before us in the future, but we are working on it.  He makes me want to heal and be a better love -slave to him.  He has made the effort to understand dance and learn to see not only my dancing and my heart there, but other slaves as well and is exploring the possibility of becoming a judge.

What a difference a year makes!!



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