The return of the Dance Gardens!

Kira Swordthain and Elie Back have brightened the dance community by bringing back the Dance Gardens, a place for any Kajira or Kajirus to go and compose and practice a dance without fear of capture or harassment.  It was closed for a while due to economic reasons I heard and its so nice to see it back up.  I know Kira has had some headaches in the past there, especially with one person who tried to force her to cancel classes by one particular teacher. This person threatened to have the Garden boycotted, some people’s egos are so much bigger than they should be.  Lucky Kira is a honorable and strong person not to bow to such petty pressures so it was sad that money closed it.  The happy day was today that it re-opened with a bang!  A RFL Dance  and fund raiser! The prize for the dancer with the most contributions was Nela and Aziza won the raffle.

Lots of talent in the showing, lots of lag issues too, one poor dancer Aurora, couldn’t get off her knees to start then her HUD crashed and needed a restart, but she bounced back to deliver a entertaining dance.  Between the likes of Snow, Perle and the fabulous BabyPea and a offering from Kira it was a great show and lots of lindens flowed in! A new dancer made a appearance, Rhysha…her posts were too long but there is skill there and I expect to see more from her. Eight dancers took the time to come do this…Yay You!!




                                          Kira Kira




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