Off to Haifa!

Master and I popped into Haifa for their contest today, we got the word it was filling up fast and it was. Lots of talent in the line up so I settled in for a great show.  I was a bit let down.  The dance theme was Old and New,  girls took dances done before and changed them up reflecting the changes in themselves since doing it the first time.  I had not seen the originals except Tivi’s  so I cannot comment on how much or little the dances were altered except that one.

Too many of the dancers emotes were too long to read in the 20 second chat fade. While I know some schools teach these long emotes are the way to go, I for one…and many others I know….will not open the chat box and lose sight of the dancer dancing.  So if I cannot read it all (and I am a fast reader unlike my Master) and it fades…the dance has lost my interest.

I was also surprised by sloppy dances by skilled dancers, transitions that were non-existent, just abrupt drops to the ground or back to their feet. A couple didn’t cashe and had long stands between dance gestures.  One dancers emotes sounded like she took them directly from one of the books and cut and pasted them as a dance, they were flat and emotionless.  One dancer described rain dripping off her breasts, those breasts passing over the saturated ground…she was wearing a top…the emotes made no sense.  A dancer had her Master with the whip at the side of the pit….yet she danced to the judges, why wasn’t she dancing to her Master?  Another  mentioned a primitive beat and the music was mostly flutes and little drums and was a lilting tune.  One girl mentioned her breasts in half her posts…ok you got boobies…we get it!  One of the girls didn’t research her part and had her character dressed inappropriately for a tavern slut, having been one I was in IMs being asked about the costume.  The audience sees these things dancers!!   One dancer apparently writes out of a thesaurus, I had someone in my IMs asking….what does “Tossing it to gambol upon the breeze, torso oscillating to emulate the rise and fall of brightly coloured companion upon the wind.”  I replied – Throwing the petals to dance on the breeze her body sways as if echoing those petals on the wind.  Why not say that? Why not write to the common audience member?  These things distract from a dance and are unnecessary.

My two favorites were Tivi, who redid her “Heavy” dance from the perspective of time gone by out of the unhappy end of a collar.  It wasn’t light and happy now, but there was a new calm about it.  The story of it draws you in and you are waiting to find out ….does he kill her…does he relent?  My other favorite was Tissia’s, she used a quote on Goreans loving nature to set up a light hearted dance of a girl picking berries and enjoying a beautiful day in the forest.  It was a well crafted dance by a girl who teaches too. There were grumbles that she was a Haifa girl, and I do agree she should not have entered… but the dance deserved first place and got it.






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