Sighs…Wacko alert!

I was going to include the graduation dance tonight on the post below but I fear it warrants its own.  She attempted to lash out at Rya over at her Soapbox, Rya let the comment show and then put out the correct version of Shels rant, you read the little loonies comment and you see the depth of her depravity and psycho behaviour.

Yes, batshit crazy Shellirene resident strikes again.  Not that we were surprised, anyone who holds a grudge for over a year about being kicked from a city will certainly hold a grudge for a few weeks over being kicked from a class.  Oh not that she has the balls to show her face, (EDIT: Sydney tells me Shels alt plus a couple that we knew about were banned BEFORE the grad by the sim owner) just a few of her 26 alts showed and chat spammed and prim exploded the graduation. Unfortunately for her she screwed up an a couple of ways.  The crowd was informed of the who and why…wasn’t hard to figure out who they were when the attack was timed to hit Dani, the fixation of her ire for getting herself kicked out of Ti. Her mistake was there wasn’t just students there, the audience held Gorean City and Sim owners, Gorean Dance judges and other persons who will remember the name Shellirene Resident in the future.  She screwed with the whole sim, not just the graduation, Blades Edge is a well known and old established sim, the owner is gunning for her I bet.  We prepared for her with the owner standing by, after the first and second attack she moved in with a heavy hand banning and booting anyone who looked off.

How pathetic is this psycho?  She is so pathetic she has gone down the class list in the group and crawled into their IMs to whine about how she was persecuted, they have been in Rya’s IMs asking who this nutjob is!!!  She is not just crazy she is a disgusting hypocrite!  She is a white woman who has a black avatar and she spams the dance with the word Ni@@er!!  She is such a narcissistic nutcase that she didn’t give a rats ass about the fact that her griefing not only disrupted our graduation but the night-club and shopping mall also located on the sim, something Linden Labs frowns heavily upon… they dislike their cut of sales from merchants being reduced by this kind of attack. She screwed the pooch bad with her lack of being able to accept responsibility for her actions and pouring fuel on the fire.  I am sure I will come across her again but I can ignore a fart in the room as well as most.

Her intent was to shut down the graduation ceremonies but alas for her not everyone in Secondlife is a drama whore and every damn one of us rose above the nonsense and the dance continued! Dani waded through the BS to come back and do a wonderful dance, the likes of which Shellirene could only wish she could do!  Iris wowed the crowd with her Gorean and Freestyle, Sydney’s choice of Ganja Babe for her Gorean music was a great touch and a fantastic dance… even the Gorean judges watching loved it! Reine battled to stay online with connection and viewer issues to turn in 3 great dances including her “Rya dance”…to dance putting herself in another shoes with what they know about her.  Jolie  rocked the sands in her Gorean FW dance and Rya was in tears over the Rya’s Dances all the advance girls put forth. I wish I had a picture of Dani, but the idiots greifing attack ruined my chance of getting one.

sydney iris jolie reine


We did a group dance to the Pirates of the Caribbean music which was fun for all as the finale.  Sorry about the pic…my browser stole some of the skirts!


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