Back to the good stuff!!!

This is a busy weekend planned! Starting off with the Groean Campus’s contest that Iris is entered into, with delight I found Rajaa was entered as well as favorites Perle and Rosa! The ranks were filled out with more talent in Tina, Kira and Keilen, I was not surprised to see Hoshi there as well.

Settling in for what I knew was going to be a great show I was not disappointed.  Keilen started off the dance with a whip dance and Rajaa finished it off with the tail of a southern kajira sold to the north and starving in a bad winter All the way down the line, with the usual exception, the girls brought their A games.  The lag was a bear, Rajaa told me in IMs she was abandoning her Barre HUD and going to a stripped down Huddle.  For those who dance the Barre is considered to be superior, but unfortunately with recent upgrades it had become more scripted and more likely to freeze up in contest situations.  I think I may follow her lead and dig out a older Barre with out the newest additions and strip it down to sleekness for a contest barre.  More to come in the next post…this is Saturdays, Sunday will be busy too!

Sunday started out with a fizzle…the Klumzy Dance exhibition that I wanted to see started at 11 not 1pm as I was told, so I missed it. :sadface:  Maddy showed me her entry though and it was great!!

maddy dance

 Maddy (Madyx Resident): Making a small turn around, dirty hairy leg stepping out as hand comes off a hip, stirring up the aroma of her unkempt body, completely oblivious to the looks of the Masters. Her smile widens showing off pearly….yellows.

Maddy as the clueless, bigfooted Urt figures she can snag a rich Master by dancing in a tavern for them…please note the armpit hair…snorts… In the end she gets a standing ovation…well, the Masters all run out of the joint… but they had to stand to do it!!!  I was sorry to miss the others, I am sure it was great fun.




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