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As predicted Shellirene has decided to keep the drama going since she has found her actions have caused a further drop in her reputation in Secondlife.  I don’t want to keep this drama-fest going so this is the end.

“it seems now this topic of class is geting flashed over web pages just to dirty my name once again and prove Rya and Flame and Tivi correct, well lets put this to rest shall we, you be the judge of it all. my reasons for bringing this up to Tivi are after she had told me this”

Funny how she doesn’t seem to understand she had to place the link to her diatribe in her profile without figuring out that the truth would get out there too, if she hadn’t….you would not be reading this…and Rya’s blog….and Tivi’s blog

“i might add Flame contacted me not me contact her after she told me when i asked a question in group chat that all i did was  wine and complain, i then closed the chat window and insted of leaving it be, flame contacted me and this is what came of it”

Shell was at it again with her selective memory finding little parts to harp over, take out of context and piss and moan about.  The complete truth?  Several of us were in group chat , one of the girls asking questions… and I made a joke and meaning to call them pests I addressed it at Shel which offended her.  Being a well brought up and polite person, when I realized what I had done I quickly went into her IMs to apologize.

[2013/11/17 13:33] Flame (scarletfleur): sorry hun…I was just yanking your leg

[2013/11/17 13:37] ɐ (shellirene): well it was not very funny

[2013/11/17 13:38] ɐ (shellirene): ive not asked any of you for help except when i showed you the dance moves

[2013/11/17 13:38] Flame (scarletfleur): I apologize. You can show it when rya returns if that is what you want.

But of course Shel doesn’t choose to acknowledge the apology, that is not part of the persecution plan.  She chooses instead toe home in on one word…and now in her world I have used that word (lousy) to describe EVERY dance she ever did.

[2013/11/17 13:41] Flame (scarletfleur): I am sorry, it was the truth…you want to dance a dance that is lousy or good? Rya has looked at mine and critisized them and I dont sulk, I go back and rethink them.

At what point did I say…Do you want to do your lousy dance or make it into a good one?  Never. We all make the choice to do good work or bad work…that was the meaning of the sentence, but Shel…the persecuted… chooses to attribute that one sentence to that and all of her future work in my opinion. Did she mention the compliments to the aforementioned dance…no…the compliments over the now questioned Masters dances…no… my soul opinion of her dances (in her opinion) is based on one sentence she misinterprets or just makes up a insult for…like this next exchange..

[2013/11/17 13:43] Flame (scarletfleur): If you dont want any critisim never show your dance to anybody, when you get tired of wondering why no one likes them then maybe you will be ready to let others help by giving their opinions, you might not like them and they are just that, their opinions but you need to listen, look and decide.

[2013/11/17 13:45] ɐ (shellirene): oh i see so it sucked

How do you get “Your dance sucked” from that paragraph??????????  

Again, I am not going to slog through the complete rant on her follow up posting, lets just take another example of reality in Shel’s fantasy land….

and if i rember corectly Rya when the props were being spoken of  the week or so before hand in class Tivi said to leave it with her that she would ask about the prim count, i had also sent her a im before this one that she went off at me in that brought up all of this but as always Tivi never replyed to it.  it must run in the school because you yourself dont reply to my messages or my emails or my skype before you removed me off it, or my note cards, as id sent you a couple while doing the beginners to ask youquestions you  never answered.

Again, the props were discusses 3 weeks before this incident…it was Sydney who gave us the information that there was a 30 prim limit.  Shel mentioned her prop was over 30 prims 2 weeks before this incident and was told that wasn’t good, and then again when she IMed me. Then she gripes about being informed at the last moment.

Skype…I don’t think any of us had her in skype…there is no way in hell I would give her my skype address, I know neither Rya or Sarah gave her their skype addresses and would be surprised if Tivi did.  In other remarks she posts the proof that she herself did the muting and removing…not us. I cannot answer for the others, but I cannot answer email, IMs, and notecards that were never sent.  Ever. 

As for owing her a certificate…Shel must not have heard…in every High School, College or University I have ever attended, you CAN get your butt tossed out a mere DAYS before graduation for a plethora of reasons…not limited to just plain failing…Shel…you failed the final.  THAT and the drama you insist on causing is the reason you did not graduate and WILL NOT receive any precious certificate.  As for bringing up your past…that was so you can see the pattern of your life…and maybe…just maybe… a light bulb will go off and you will go…OMG! I keep screwing things up!!!!  I need to change!!!   I for one will not hold my breath, I do not believe you intelligent enough to come to that self realization.


[sahy-kuh-path] Show IPA


a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.




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  1. rya
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 03:37:26

    Thank you Flame for being an adult and sticking to the facts. Taking the “whole” sentence and not picking it apart. Rule #1 Listen to what is being said, NOT what you want to hear.



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