The follow-up

After a meeting with several doms, teachers and students… it was decided to just ignore Shels rants. To further report her to LL for Harassment of individuals or groups, to have her main alt shut down, or her blog shut down for slander would only feed what she lives on….drama. Life is too short to waste on an individual so crass and obnoxious with the lack of ethics that would allow her to buy dances to pass as her own.  (Yeah, I can only draw that conclusion seeing how bad the before and after dances were and how good the Master choices were.)  Rya knows that those who know her integrity and passion for Dance will just shake their heads and dismiss the accusations.  Those who don’t care for her outspoken, “don’t box dancers in!” attitude will continue to not care for her.  So Shellirene and her vile puke means nothing to anybody important to us and we are done with it, done with her imaginary votes and self delusions, her manipulations, done having the other student moaning in my IMs about how she makes the class a misery.  It is doubtful we have heard the last of her, small souled, nasty people who feed on misery are hard to shake, like a drama succubus they keep coming around to try to find another meal of drama to feed off of in your life, I for one intend to put her on a diet.

                                     shel troll

Rya isn’t usually one to push up her sleeves and put on the gloves to go to the mat., but she felt Shellirene’s baseless lies needed to be addressed. So she put a entry on her blog.

Tivi also had one or two words to say on the subject, grab a cold one and a snack and go here.


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  1. Master Verbot Sentinel
    Apr 13, 2014 @ 15:45:48

    Let me start off by saying that I do not in the normal course of things bring my thoughts to bear on matters such as this, but in this instance I feel that I must, It was a very bad situation made worse by public and uncalled for comments. I fully understand why my girl was so upset with it and the others involved. I tend to take a more cautious approach to matters than some, and in this I should not have. I am hoping that this matter has been laid to rest and let it be noted that I am very proud of my Flame for taking the high road and ending it from her side. It is over and done, I think that anyone who knows those involved will know what is right and what is wrong and I will trust in their good judgement in this. But, let it be known that if this matter rears its ugly head again appropriate action will be taken against those responsible. In this my girl’s collar shines and her head held high as it should be. If any have issue with what I have stated, please do contact me.


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