A Dance for Hope

Now is the time that Gor gears up for Relay For Life activities, last year Goreans raised over 1.5 million lindens for RFL and we haven’t scacked off this year!  There are your Jail & Bails and Tarn Races, Sword Tournaments and Dances.  Saturday was one of the dances.

Ramius popped into my IMs on the Monday before and informed me that one of the strongest supporters of Gorean dance and RFL, Lady Hope Chatterbox, was stricken with cancer and wasn’t doing well. While we were reminiscing he proposed a dance exhibition to raise money for RFL and to honor Lady Hope. I, of course, volunteered to dance and he got me to assist in the set up too.  After a frenzied week of getting it together the City of Fina, and Lady Hope’s homestone, hosted it.  I was pleased to have 9 other dancers pop up after the notice went out waving and chirping me, me, me! I want to dance!  The ranks swelled to 11 at one point but settled at 7 on the day. 

Each dancer delivered, even with short notice, stunning dances! Kudos to Taema, Sugar Rush, Snow, Maddy, Iris, Maia for joining me in the pit and we opened with the wonderful Phoenix dancers to get the ball rolling.

We managed to raise a whopping 15,000 lindens for the cause! 

Alas with the sweet comes the bitter, a douchbag that is identified to me as Rossfox Lewellen griefed the sim and managed to lag us out royally.  I couldn’t get my costume swap to go off and in the first 2 minutes of the dance, my dance hud vanished then reappeared in off mode.  I scrambled to hand key from the list and missed putting out a post but such is life in the dance world.  I felt horrible, like a ugly duckling amongst the swans but I was told by several (and if it was to sooth my feelings…bless them) that they only noticed my costume issue.  The first photo below is my Lady Hope in her Robes, then I was to morph into the second photo, the dancer.

Lady H1

Lady H6

I called the dance The Heart of a Dancer, and the music was Nadia’s Theme.

I jumped in without a second thought even though Lady Hope was not a close friend because she was there when I needed her.  Two of the emotes from my dance:

Lowering to the ground, remembering ones she picked up when they felt attacked and defeated, words of encouragement to bandage wounds and a push back to the sands.  They must be protected, these lissome beings in the sands. Guided and watched over by those  with the heart of a dancer!

Languid dips and turns belie the emotion of the memories of battles in the past, fighting for integrity, unity and well-being for the dancers of this world, light laughter tumbles out remembering those who underestimated this Free Woman.

She is indeed a strong force to be dealt with if she thinks a dancer has been wronged or someone or ones is attacking the dance community, few judges or organizers know Gorean dance as she does. If we lose her…never before will the dance community of Gor have suffer such a great loss, and there will never be another to take her place.


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