The PK hated Halfa today!!

A group of lovelies were set to dance this afternoon at Halfa including Iris from TPB, this was a faction style dance as Halfa is famous for the school teaching it.  The first dancer, Perle made it through despite some audio glitches and did a lovely dance then like a sandworm from Dune, the Lag monster swallowed up the next 2 dancers!  Poor girls, one was halfway through hers and crashed and was moved to the last, where she crashed again and surrendered. One girl never even made it to the pit. Poor Iris, if not nervous enough, we were all joking about it was a good thing she had a tether dance, the tether might come in handy!  No worries tho, she got out there and owned that quicksand!  Those other dancers who made it alive off the sands had great dances and I enjoyed them all.  The wonderful Babypea enthralled us with a dance while the tally was made and it came as no surprise to me Iris took the prize.


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