Abydos don’t

The Abydos dance competition was plagued with the same issues as Halfa but magnified 50 times.  We dancers were there early but most could not move, dance HUDs were locked up and the crowds had not even arrived!  A sim restart was ordered up but that didn’t help.  Another Master graciously offered up his dance venue and we all trouped over and took to the pit.  Many of the 8 girls were new to dancing, on some it showed more than others. One masturbating girl droned on and my IMs were lit up with groans and vomiting sounds. Two showed great promise when they learn less is more. Kellen rocked the house in my opinion.  My dance wobbled a bit at the start due to DJ issues, her SAM was acting up, but went well.  As usual I was too scared to cam around to take picks…I always seem to crash.  the final tally was Alexa first, Kellen second and yours truly third.   Master was proud and pleased having only been able to make the last bit of the contest.  It was a relief to step in the pits after a absence and do well.


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