Busy day in the world of Gor

Tarn’s Point Bay hosted its first dance contest today, the theme was Earth Girl and there were some great dances!  The winner featured a gramophone playing “La vie en rose”, beautifully done.  One dance disappointed me, it was oblivious the dance had already been written and the dancer stuck one sentence nod to the theme.  

Maddy and I had hatched a idea for a tandem dance of Spring and Autumn for the opening of the contest. The “Red and Gold” dance was mostly for her Master and my friend Ramius, he has wanted a tandem dance from us for a while and was delighted to finally get one. We got this wild hair a whole week ahead of time and snuck off every time we could to put it together and practice, my poor Master got to see one side of it several times but never they whole thing! Tandem

Turn out was low, but not surprising considering 2 other widely publicist happenings were in conflict.  The lovely city of Fina re-opened.  The kicked it off with several activities including a impromptu dance exhibition and performance by the Fires of Gor Dance Troupe.   It was fun watching several of my friends perform and my world was set to scramble when Master Ramius popped into my IMs asking me to dust off my tavern girl gear and hit the pit.  With a grand 3 minutes to prep I felt my performance was lacking but it was well received and Kami more than made up for it with a fantastic display of tavern dance.


After a bit of time at the Fina sword tourney I got a” join us” at the RFL area, as it was the opening of the fund raising activities, and about 8 dancers crammed into one of the floats with a dance pit and boogied down for pictures.  Several Masters and a FW tripped the light fantastic too and the laughter was overflowing.  I almost forgot! Thanks to Sarah at “The Dancing submissive” for the pics!



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