Finals time!

Once again the advanced class was called upon to do their Masters Choices to see if they were going to graduate or not.  We were lucky to have 2 Masters and a Mistress to assign the dances, there was a wonderful wide assortment of requests from a Lewis Caroll quote to a dance with a goat.  These dances are to see if the girls got the message of the class not to get stuck in the “Gorean Box” and to let themselves shine through in their dances.  Going into the finals one student was pulling a F and was set to fail. Too much drama, too less attendance, not listening and getting the messages. Somewhere the light bulb went off in her head and she wowed us with her Masters choices, she pulled it up to a C grade, she is not competition ready but it was a vast improvement.  The top student shown as I figured she would, even with a difficult assigned song to dance to she came up with a clever use of it and lost a half a grade point to not stumbling when her dance said she did…I gave her a A+ anyway!  One student did as requested, a tribute to Rya, using a fun piece of music she still brought several to tears with the touching dance. No one failed, but not all were invited to the Intensive Class planned, now onto the graduation dance ceremony!


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