Finals time!

Once again the advanced class was called upon to do their Masters Choices to see if they were going to graduate or not.  We were lucky to have 2 Masters and a Mistress to assign the dances, there was a wonderful wide assortment of requests from a Lewis Caroll quote to a dance with a goat.  These dances are to see if the girls got the message of the class not to get stuck in the “Gorean Box” and to let themselves shine through in their dances.  Going into the finals one student was pulling a F and was set to fail. Too much drama, too less attendance, not listening and getting the messages. Somewhere the light bulb went off in her head and she wowed us with her Masters choices, she pulled it up to a C grade, she is not competition ready but it was a vast improvement.  The top student shown as I figured she would, even with a difficult assigned song to dance to she came up with a clever use of it and lost a half a grade point to not stumbling when her dance said she did…I gave her a A+ anyway!  One student did as requested, a tribute to Rya, using a fun piece of music she still brought several to tears with the touching dance. No one failed, but not all were invited to the Intensive Class planned, now onto the graduation dance ceremony!


The Ethics Question Again

So yesterday my old friend sage and the ghost-town of Tarnsport had another dance competition, “The Silken Chains Competition”.

I, of course, didn’t attend…I had toenails to clip. I heard I wasn’t the only one, the regular line up of 8 dancers could not be filled…again.. and one person attending said he had never seen such a low turn out.  One of the judged IMed me after with a head slapping WTF update.  Seems somehow the tally of the judged scorecards got so off the girl with the second highest score got last place.  Ok, mistakes happen…how you handle it makes all the difference.  Two of the judges who remained behind couldn’t see how after giving over 100 points between them…the girl got only 50 points between the last 2 judges. (I saw text of the girls dance, it was very good!  Kellen definitely deserved to be in the top 3 dances, if not number 1….but last???)  Those judges asked for the tally cards to double check….sage refused to turn them over.  Refused??  The judges??????  When it was reluctantly admitted there had been a mistake, poor teary Kellen was brought in to be awarded her prize money.  One of the judges asked aiden hallenbook…yes the douch who called me a thief,  if it would be announced that a mistake was made giving Kellen her recognition? There was a begrudging promise it would….which it wasn’t, cannot expect a perennial lair to be honest.  Once again Tarnsport and sage are mired in deceit and questionable ethics in their dealings in the dance world. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

I logged in and found juls, sages BFF and aidens slave, had posted the acknowledgement of the error.  The correct winners have been posted…a day late.  If the proper steps had been taken right away another attack on the dance community could have been thwarted, instead a meeting was held between several judges and a review board called for. Master Ramius, a judge and one of the men meeting as well as my old friend Mistress Mirah sent me copies of the minutes.  I see that several good points were made even though one of the participants walked out as his were not as well taken I guess…

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