The Joy of Free Speech

After another dance world debacle was reported to me by several dancers and a odd post appeared in the dancing group, I was draw back into the stupidity of some people in Gorean Dance.  Free and slave sent me messages about reading my “old buddies” sage’s blog, getting the link I began reading.

Sages Blog

I fully expected BS about the trouble she caused me with her little manufactured drama to smear my name, but the blatant attack  on Rya and her one sided crap she levels at her was just too much to ignore. The stuff about the class not being OOC? Sage approved the guests who came in Earth clothing, they were curious about Gor and Gorean dancing. Then all of a sudden it’s not ok?  Only one girl, try three.  She was in Gorean costume, just not one sage approved of.  Rya and her Master tried to be reasonable, I saw the logs, rya passed them in skype…no violation of TOC there. Sage and her “Master” were the unreasonable ones and Rya moved the class to avoid any further discomfort for her students.

Then there is the good teacher post.  The truth of that? Hlinn’s dance was a teacher assigned dance, it had given perimeters which she did not meet, it was a bad dance and HLINN drug the class out to the end with her defending her failing dance, insulting Rya by telling her she knew less about her heritage than hlinn did.  Sage gave her the use of the sim for free?  Rya never charges for her classes and sage wanted the hits on the traffic counter, she profited by it and the graduation dance.

The latest? After losing to Hoshi at another Campus competition, to lose to her again is the obvious reason for her rant. But…yes but…I do agree with her that the campus sets it’s self up for criticism for judging it’s dances. I also said Hoshi, while a talented dancer, is not Gorean and her dances would never be seen in Gor. The boggling thing is I remember Sage trying to influence the Tarnsport dance I was entered in.  She was passing out dance animations to some…not all…of the dancers entered.  At that competition I was going to pull out knowing one of the judges was a citizen of that city, my city, and I didn’t want anything to taint it.  The judge was replaced and the competition went on.  Having attended a class taught by Sage, the convoluted instructions and non-gorean teaching method on a supposed Gorean purified city, assured that I wouldn’t be completing the course. To have her comment that a award winning dance teacher who’s students have consistently places in the top of contests entered, including the Gorean Campus which ALL 3 top places were Passionate Heart Graduates, sage only wishes she knew what a good teacher is…Rya is…sage isn’t.


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