Getting back in RP

After sitting out RP for a few months after my last collar ended I felt it was time to stop saying I need to get back into a city and do it.  I must admit I was dragging my feet, not wanting to get involved with a new Master, dealing with the drama and the city needs.   I chose a city, to start with, new so I can be on the bottom floor of the growth, and fewer people so I could have time to build relationships as more come.  Standing in the sky market of the city I watched a newbie avatar approach me with a inward groan.  Speaking with him I found a Gorean from another program new to Secondlife.  I was pleasantly surprised talking to him and helping him to learn how to get a notecard and teleport and we took a tour, as time wore on I found myself leaning less to being a city slave and against my original desire to avoid a private collar, being his slave.  More talk followed the tour and…skip to the end…I am in his collar. LooL.  I think this might be a good thing as he is knowledgeable and kind.  Kinda cute too…laughs.

training collar

Over the next few days we toured several cities, one familiar new to both of us.  All had something to recommend them, some nice people desiring our citizenship and some beautiful builds. Tarns Point Bay was one of the latter, Started by a friend and dancer Iris, she and her Master and Mistress, a talented builder FW, created a stop in and RP kind of town. The building was exquisite and appointed with great care.  The City of Ti recommended itself through welcoming people, and more than 2 there when Master and I rolled through. Vigo is another beautifully appointed city though quiet at our RP time.  The Voltai Viktelwas truly lovely but I crashed 3 times and Verbot was lagging badly.  In the end, Ti was the one Master went back and did the paperwork for and I was pleased, while not the prettiest there seemed to be quality RP and kind people.  I hope this proves to be true in the long run.

Diving into the opening ceremony weekend I helped out in the dance contest as the kennel FG was swamped.  I had known there would be under the 8 usual dancers and did some recruiting from class and friends so 4 of the 5 dancers were buddies. The judges bailed at the last minute and one friend who judges in the dance circuit snagged 2 for us and the cities slaver took 3rd position.  The girls danced wonderfully but I was disappointed that the “sex in the sands’ dancer won. When are we going to out grow this puerile male fantasy dancing??  The girl who did it presents the same masturbation dance set to different music over and over, she is a joke in the dance world.  Mention her name and everyone groans.  Rya declared she is done coming to dance contests, makes her want to vomit. It’s not gorean….show me in the books where a dancer masturbates.


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