Graduation Day and Farewell

Grad day

This year the graduation of the Passionate Heart of Dance came off with fewer WTF’s than last year.

Tivi procured us a fine DJ by the name of Wain Arun who, even though it was his first dance event, came through like a champ.  Sarahs dance was a stand out, starting from her wheelchair and entering the dream of freedom in dance brought tears to many’s eyes. Miss Anna’s piano dance to Clair de  lune brought back fond memories of my Grandfather and I.

 I was disappointed in my Firebirds child dance as I had crashed right before and forgot to reactivate the fly override so instead of flying up…I hopped around like a chicken.  It was well received though and I was pleased my transformation into the Phoenix came off.  Of course, in true SL style I crashed entering the pit for my second dance. The cashe command that Anna showed me the night before saved my butt and kept me calm during the emoting and removal of costume pieces.

The ROAR dance was a rousing success with lots of crowd interaction.  Rya said that during it, and all our individual dances, her IMs lit up with lots of positive comments.

The farewell..

When Rya agreed to move her class to the Gorean campus she only had a few requirements, to conduct her class in voice, to be able to have the music stream as needed for dance practice and that her students feel comfortable there. She also said that senior students were being groomed to teach.  Over the last couple months those things were stripped one by one.  We got complaints that the voice could be heard in other classes scheduled in classrooms near the pit.   The teaching student, myself included, were stripped of rights.  The stream was made unavailable and we were told the sim owner reserved the right to control it.  We had never abused the right and the sim owner was seldom able to return from other responsibilities to turn it over as we needed it.  How can we have a dance class with no music?

I have run a sim, I know the work involved.  If you take on all control of every thing that transpires you not only will fail someone at some point you also will stop enjoying your SL experience.  The sim owner failed us.  I will not go into her personal behaviors that were inappropriate but stick to the needs of the class that were not met.  So we take our farewells and go to the new dance garden that Tivi built and her Master supplied us with.  I woke to find myself not only out of the group but also defriended by the sim owner, either as a member of the class or because of my opinions expressed here….sighs.  The Passionate Heart Academy of Dance goes on.


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