The Asperiche Dance

I was happy to attend the 3rd anniversary of the Asperiche city and their sunrise dance.  We were told that in the night the PK raised 2 more land masses and the city builders were hard at work enlarging the city and a new dance pavilion was in the works.

There were good dances and not so good dances as usual, one seasoned dancer performed far below the level I have seen her dance at before and was disappointing.  Talking to one of the judges after he agreed, he expected better.

The winner Pheadra did a placation dance and a very good one. Beginning and ending with book quotes showed the Gorean thought process was involved.  She deserved the award. Perle danced in at second and amazed, she had every dancers nightmare of crashing right before she entered the pit. She popped in and cashed and recovered to do a great dance.  I would have been a wreck.

One of the things I was taught in dancing and it showed here, don’t distract from your dance. Watch your emotes match your visual.  One dancers props failed to rezz in properly and the ones she emoted interacting with she didn’t provide.  If your going to have some, you have to have all or people cam around looking for them and get distracted.  It’s better just to use the main prop…yourself.  One dancer spoke of her lips smiling, the statue skin she wore had no face…I was distracted.  Knowing how bad lag is at any performance, the use of props has to be agonized over. One dance I went back and forth of having or not having till the last second….I used them and they popped in and out on time…but it just as easily could go the other way.


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