Man, read the whole thing!

“Now probably homosexuality existed on Gor, but as it was written as a mans world….”

I am talking about homosexuality on Gor…not Earth or even my feelings about it AND for the record they are: WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR BED IS YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!

Now if you want to discuss quotes from the books fine, but don’t make a assumption about me and attack.  These are my thoughts about what happens in the Gorean roleplay I am a part of.  Jeezzz, you don’t agree then fine, your entitled to your opinions too. My point is why can’t people figure out they created a character to exist on another planet with culture, standards and traditions different from Earth, why try to make it into Earth? The bases of judging a Goraen dance is, “Is this a dance that would be seen on Gor”.  In my opinion that one was not. Not in a public place. The male dominated society would be up in arms. So therefore it was not a Gorean dance.  This is not about if homosexuality is right or wrong, its about people thinking like Goreans in Gor, not Earthlings.


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