Yes, I am still alive.

What’s new in the Gorean Dance would?   Judges who do not know how to judge Gorean dance.  I had the pleasure of watching the contest at a unnamed location in August. The second place winner did a love dance to her lesbian Mistress.  Now probebly homosexuality existed on Gor, but as it was written as a mans world, and in all likelihood 2 lesbians would be hiding deep under the veil of “normal Gorean behavior”… that is hiding it well as the slave would be killed and fed to the Tarns and the Mistress striped, collared and “taught her place as a woman”.  I can only assume the judges used Earth reasoning to accept the dance as Gorean.  If you cannot extrapolate your role-play in a fictional society based on what you read in the books that are the guides to that role-play… Go to another style of RP!!  I have said it before and I will say it again. Contests should not be judged by women.  FW worked to repress their sexuality to preserve their freedom, they would not want to watch slaves dancing. So why have them judge us?  It is not logical to the society.

On Sept. 28th I took a challenge dance to create a dance set to a modern tune but danced in traditional Gorean style.  I chose a lovely version of Maroon 5’s Daylight and did a Sa-eela, or the neglected slave dance, to it.  I was pleased to find I came in 3rd place (although only first was awarded) behind two very talented dancers, Snow and Perle.  I once again received praise in IM’s from 2 of the judge…. but felt I could have done better but still was pleased.

My advanced class is graduating this Sunday and the beginners are also participating and graduating. Rya put together a fine group dance to Katy Perry’s ROAR.  It has been a rollercoster of up and down making me laugh and grind my teeth.


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  1. Joy
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 00:51:31

    Still to many narrow minded people in the world… all worlds and lives.


    • scarletfluerr
      Oct 05, 2013 @ 05:23:01

      If you read the books you would see that yes, John Norman was very narrow minded and decided to basically ignore homosexuality. Since the SL world of Gor is based on those books my point is that as role-players we have to abandon our Earth points of view and RP from Gor point of view. That was the reason for the post. Too bad you didn’t bother to really read it, just jump to a conclusion and get holier than thou.


  2. Tuka Katana (@TukaKatana)
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 04:42:21

    Very one’s entitled to an opinion, though it’s in bad taste to single out one place and only one. I’ve seen this several times. You also haven’t spoken to ME on this and I was judging. Thought we were trying for cohesion not division?


    • scarletfluerr
      Oct 05, 2013 @ 04:59:50

      As I said, trying not to think like a earth person, but a Gorean. There is only one mention of homosexuality in the books that I know of, and it basically said that if it exists on Gor it is hidden. When judging anything Gorean, from a sword contest to a dance contest, the thought process must be Gor based, not Earth based. I singled out the place where I had seen it Rajaa, and no I didn’t talk to you because you too are initialed to your opinion and to judge as you wish to, you liked it and judged it higher than I would of. I also reserve the right to disagree with people and not be silenced for the sake of cohesion, if I cannot express my own thoughts and opinions here where can I?


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