A New day a new Dance

dancerI was asked to teach a class on emotes, there is a lot of passion about emotes…not just in them…but about them.  There are those who call themselves “Gorean Dance Purists” who foam at the mouth about faction style dance.  The lovely descriptive form of emotes that describe the dancers movements and the emotion behind them.  They claim it is the only true form of Gorean dance.


Faction grew out of necessity, based on the descriptive dances in Normans books faction carried forward to Gor when SL Gor was born.  Why necessity?  Normans media of choice for the world of Gor is the written word, description of the dancer and her movements is done in detail so the reader can form the image in their minds.  When SL Gor began there were no dance gestures and HUD’s to string them in, so again, detailed descriptions were necessary and faction was born.

Now with the Huddle and Barre and the vast choices of movements to put into them our avi bodies move, twirl, leap and weave the dance magic of the Gorean dance and we can be more imaginative and move to narration style dancing…I don’t need to tell you my leg kicks high in joy…you can see it do so…now I can tell you more of why I feel joy. I can spin a story and entertain you with a tale.. and commit blasphemy to the “purists”.

To me, IMO, faction dance is the bag cell phone, the brick in a world of iPhones and Android, yeah it still works but why use it? Its been replaced…move forward. Stop berating and dragging down dancers who don’t want to be placed in a box of 15 Gorean dances done in faction style. Let our Masters chain us not dance!!

There is one person who likes to think herself a authority on Gorean dance and write about the contests and exhibitions in Gor.  Her former Master, of a few months, was a big affectionato of dance and a faction fan. I understand he was a nice guy, I had never met him before his death, but for some reason some have placed him as a saint of Gorean dance, and his former slave and her new Master ride the dead guys coat tails to this day spouting his wisdom…it’s a opinion people…doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it wrong, just his….and let the man rest in peace already!  The reviews of the contests are so slanted to the faction side, she will ignore superior dancers and dances in her reviews to spotlight the few faction ones. I doubt she realizes what a joke she and her new Master have become, but they are still trying to shove their views down dancers gullets… especially the new dancers.

I have had beginning dancers tell me after they have performed at a comp or exhibition that the “purists” berate them and call them horrible things because they didn’t dance faction style.  Where do people get off telling others how to play out their lives and how to dance in Gor?  Godmodding much? Where the hell do these people get off?  You think the only true Gorean dance is set to middle-eastern music done in faction style about the 15 dances listed in the books? Really? You are that stuck in your little box? Dancers cannot use any music that speaks to them, dance to convey the feelings in there hearts and story in their heads about everyday life on Gor?  Again…BOSKSHIT!!!

Let my Master chain me…not opinions about dance!

There is only one opinion on Gorean dance that counts, and when John Norman creats his Avi…, comes into Gor… and watches some dances and talks to dancers.  When he stands in a dance pit and renders his decision…we will know what is or is not Gorean dance.

(Oh and yes, taking first place at the campus dance contest with my version of a whip dance was very satisfying.)


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