The final word.

After listing to the Whip and the (so called) Master Black Orts round table discussion…the one where he was supposed to apologize for smearing my name…nothing was said of course.  I had written this note to give him…but calling up his profile I saw he owns the Gorean University….who happens to have sage on staff and hold classes in dance the are crap compared to Ryas. Since it would be a waste of time…I will put it here.  The quotes are from his own words on the show of the 2nd.

This is my last words on the subject. Those who saw the evidence saw absolutely no theft  and were “wft is he talking about?”

I listened to your show and felt the need to make one last stand for my honor after you smeared it all over Gor.

“…one we do for the bettering of everyones second life…real peoples and real feelings are in play here in Gor”

Does the hypocrisy of your words versus your actions ever keep you awake at night? Does the hypocrisy  of preaching how to be a Gorean Master, and keeping the honor of one, ever tweak your conscious about your own honor?
Two weeks ago you were used and dishonored as a Gorean, lied to…and yet you meekly allow it? You tied and convicted me in absentia based on a “reliable source” and when informed that you were used for someones vendetta and the proof of my innocence shown, you tucked a weak apology into the group rather than stand up and cry foul on the air? Now another week has passed and the apology I was told would happen on air was….forgotten. To be labeled a thief is not role-play, it is a smear on the person behind the avatar…that “real feelings of real people”.
I could have put this in the group chat….giving a interview with another broadcaster…but my sense of honor would not allow me to humiliate a man in Gor…note I reserve the use of “Master” for one who deserves it. 
“come on people, stick the hell up for each other!… be men, be Masters.”  Your words.


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