The next day….

Mistress spoke to Kortai of the Gorean whip…he said it all reminds him of Jr. High School, they didn’t try and convict you in absentia in Jr. High.  She asked if it was announced on Gorean Radio that he was a child molester…would he just shrug it off?I bet he would he fight for his own honor to be restored.  While not so heinous…being accused of being a thief still requires the restoration of truth and my honor.

sage and jules deny having anything to do with jules masters profile pick. He states it was his idea. Having met the man…I doubt that, he is a wanna be and jules holds the leash, then again it has been long known who wears the collar in sages relationship too.  One cannot also ignore the coincidence of the accused dance stolen belonging to someone who both Rya and I pissed off in the past…one incident before jules and her master landed in Tarnsport. That’s a pretty weird coincidence huh?

But now…I am ready for it to die down…get back to my second life. I have been vindicated by everyone who has seen the evidence. sage, jules and aiden are laughing stocks, Tarnsport considered a joke, and the dance community fractured by their actions.  There will be changes. Not the stupid crap the GU suggests, but change brought BY the dancers FOR the dancers. 

Speaking of the GU. Pardon me…I invested hundreds of REAL dollars in dancing…that prize money offsets it. I invested dozens of REAL LIFE hours in making the dance. The praise belong to me.  John Norman did not write of dance competitions, and unless one of you is a fucking psychic you don’t know his thoughts on it.  Your declaration the dance must be returned to the free….I will love to see the Black Ort in the sands…cuz that’s the only way dance belongs to the Free! Making this stuff up is just like GU…full of onlineisms and Disney Gor…lets make it up as we go to suit us!  Sorry…I don’t do Disney Gor.

A statement was made that a slaves reward for a good dance is her Master raping her.  This is why cities are empty…the display of mind set that Gor is nothing but violence and sex.  Gorean men were not raping their slaves 20 hours a day…they loved beauty and were tender in many ways.  It’s the mind set of a horny 18 year old that spoiled Gor… kill it or fuck it!

Another statement that floats around is that the sole reason a slave dances is to please her Master…that might be true…in private, but at a exhibition or competition her desire should be to please the crowd and make her Master proud.  Part of that crowd are Free Woman who do not want to see sex on the sands. That kind of dance should cause shame to her Master for offending the watching FW.  It’s not his home or even a paga tavern.  Oh, and if your petals are dripping? You have a STD…go see a physician…that image is straight from toon porn…not RL.


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