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So here is my blog.

Lets get the Soaring Herlit thing straight.

This was my second competition, I began writing a dance back at the end of February, I told my Master and teacher about it March 16th or so. Whe it was ready I selected the Landa Dance Comp. to do it. The Landa location was switched to the Soaring Herlit, (nice folks btw) I wrangled Master LC to play the part of the slaver…my living prop…and away I went! I rocked! I had judges applauding me!!

Now I know my posts were long, I felt I needed them to tell my story…I took a chance and was told later that is what cost me first place, but hey…second place! That’s great! Until after I left and the first place winner began pissing and moaning I stole her dance. She won! With a non original dance to boot! Her brown nosing buddy got her Master to put a defamatory Pick in his profile, that got him multiple reports to LL from everyone he named and those in the pic he snapped.

How did I steal her dance? Seems we chose the same music…hers the original version used in part. Mine off a purchased album from a different artist and edited for my use.

And our themes were similar, a dead Master….she killed herself over him, I danced before mines funeral pyre.  Well snap! Like a dead Master had never been used in a dance before in Gor! Pleassssseeeeeee!

So after the Pick Masters balls were put through LL wringer and the pick came down,  the note cards and music and proof were circulated,  and pissed off friends of mine and those shamed on the Pick got done…I was pronounced innocent and the others look like the whiny, attention seeking, vendetta mongers they are…the Masters look like collared weenies and the slaves are the laughing stocks of Gor. 

My teacher rya was broken hearted, not for the defamation in the Pick but she felt she had failed me, to protect me from these bullies and pathetic souls.  That hurt me more that what was done to me, I knew I wrote a good dance, one all my own and it would stand under scrutiny…I hurt for my friend. She should know I faced down bigger idiots than sage and juls. I gained that confidence for the dancing she gave me to shake it off and go on.

Oh and the prequel to this all?  Rya moved her class out of sages sim because sage couldn’t remember to be polite and professional and made my class mates uncomfortable. That’s where the seeds of this little drama was born…or was it when my Master slapped her down for trying to usurp his place on my collar?  Oh hell…who knows.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. saraheli
    May 21, 2013 @ 07:40:58

    Yay Flame!


  2. Tivi Shenzhou-Darkfold
    May 21, 2013 @ 12:47:18

    *Smiles* You know we always have your back. Just as we have any of Rya’s students.


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